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Our Story

             Welcome to Ciao Bella, which means “Hello Beautiful “in English. What is beautiful? The food? The staff? The Customers? The total experience? It is all of the above! In any language, the visit to Ciao Bella will be an experience worth enjoying. Chef Juve and his wife Linda have been pleasing locals and tourists for many years, and now brought their special foods to Prescott Valley. Tantalize your taste buds with mouthwatering dishes and gourmet pizzas here at our casual dining family style restaurant.  The love that blossomed between Linda and Juve sprang to life at a restaurant, where they discovered that they both have a passion for good food. 

            Partner Leon Moise was amazed when he first enjoyed a meal prepared by Juve: nothing had ever compared to his mom’s delicious Italian cooking, until….YUMMM. Juve cooked like his mom. Leon decided that he would add his expertise in doing business to please customers, his enthusiasm and passion to bring to the public the delicious meals prepared by Juve.  Leon’s success as a businessman, and his attitude of “Do what’s right”, earned him the title “Businessman of the Year” in 2021 from Prescott Valley’s Chamber of Commerce. Leon also brings his management skills honed in his military service. A family man, his daughters can be seen helping out at the restaurant “just for fun”!?

One of Leon’s secrets of success is his “right hand,” the behind the scenes helper Donna Chamblee. Donna keeps everything running smoothly, and keeps the troops happily working to serve you, our beautiful patrons.

Our menu is varied and the service is unmatched.

Try us once; you'll be back for more.

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